GOTT GOTT-DACT-105 Domestic Air Conditioning Trainer


• Window Type Air Conditioner Unit 

• Watt Meter 

• AC Volt and Current Meter 

• Single Phase Power Control 

• Compressor 

• Condenser Coil Temperature Meter 

• Hot Gas Temperature Meter 

• Evaporator Coil Temperature Meter

• Liquid Temperature Meter 

• Suction Temperature Meter 

• Hot Gauge Meter 

• Suction Gauge Meter 

• Filter Dryer 

• Capillary Tube 

• Sight Glass 

• High/Low Pressure Switch


• Familiarization with split air conditioning components 

• Air Swing Function 

• Intake Air Temperature Of Air Conditioner 

• Varying The Evaporator Fan Speed 

Study The Effect of Ventilation System 

• Familiar With Compressor 

• Pressure-Enthalpy Diagram 

• Calculate Cooling System Performance


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 




GOTT-DACT-105 are designed for the student to explore the principles and operation of domestic air conditioners. The student will be able to observe the refrigeration cycle, explore the functional components and controls, review installation procedures, perform servicing and trouble shooting exercises. The trainer is a fully operational unit that contains all the basic components as found on domestic air conditioning systems. These components have been clearly laid out in a service-able manner and are mounted on to a work bench type frame. A number of special controls, meters and transparent view ports have been provided in order for the student to control and monitor a variety of experiments


The unitary style (window type) air conditioning unit has been reconfigured to enhance the learning process. Components are clearly laid out and mounted on to a mobile steel stand that incorporates a work surface. Printed color diagrams of the refrigeration and electrical circuit are provided for instructional guidance. Hand valves are used to cut in and out various components and also allow malfunctions to be introduced. Temperature points are provided for monitoring performance. Sight glasses monitor the refrigeration state

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