GOTT GOTT-DSCT-1 Digital Satellite Communication Trainer


• Parabolic Disc 1,5 M 

• Dish Mount System 

• Dish Position Actuator 

• Feed Horn 

• Low Noise Amplifier 

• Down Converter 

• Tuner 

• TV to view the signal 


• Digital satellite receiver familiarization 

• Aiming parabolic antenna system 

• Operation of the digital satellite receiver 

• Troubleshooting on the RF tuner of satellite receiver 

• Troubleshooting on the function key of digital satellite receiver 


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Theory Manual 

(3) Experiment Manual




GOTT Digital Satellite Communication Trainer use actual industrial standard hardware, which have been mounted onto modular panel so that the hardware can be easily inserted into 3 levels aluminum mobile frames. The system modular approach allows many types of configurations and set-ups to be quickly constructed provides the student with a wide variety of practical exercises. The trainer consists of the parabolic dish, dish position actuator, dish position control, feed horn, low noise amplifier, down converter, tuner coaxial cable and television unit. 


• Digital Satellite Communication System 

• Circuit block diagram of showing the function of the system 

• Electronic Fault Controller is built into the trainer for student instruction purposes

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