GOTT GOTT-FPHB-01 Fluid Properties & Hydrostatic Bench

The following experimental apparatus is included: universal hydrometer and hydrometer jars

• falling sphere viscometer 

• free surface tubes 

• hook and point gauge

• Mercury barometer (Mercury not supplied) 

• Bourdon gauge 

• u-tube manometers 

• deadweight pressure gauge calibrator and weights 

• hydrostatic pressure apparatus 

• Pascal's apparatus 

• parallel plate capillary apparatus 

• capillary tube apparatus 

• lever balance with displacement vessel, bucket and cylinder 

• metacentric height apparatus 

• measuring cylinder 

• thermometer 

• air pump 

• 600ml beaker 

• stop clock

Universal Hydrometer: 

Range 0.70 to 2.00 sub-divided in 0.01 intervals 

Falling sphere viscometer: 40mm tube diameter 

Hydrostatic pressure gauge calibrator: Comprises counter-balanced precision quadrant pivoted on knife edges at its arc’s center 

Lever balance: 178mm diameter pan, hook for use in buoyancy experiments, anti-parallax cursor, double scale 0 to 0.25kg and o to 1.00kg 

Dead weight pressure gauge calibrator: With 2 X 1/2kg , 1kg and 2 1/2kg weight

Thermometer: Range -10 degree C to +50 degree C


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




The equipment is mounted on a steel-framed bench fitted with castors. A variety of measuring devices is incorporated, either fastened to the back of the bench or freestanding. Water is stored in a polythene tank situated on the lower shelf of the bench. The water can be transferred by two positive displacement hand pumps either to an elevated open storage tank connected to a number of glass tubes for free surface studies, or to a plastic sink recessed into the working surface so that bench top experiments may be conducted without spillage. All excess water is returned to the storage tank via the sink drain.

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