GOTT GOTT-GWFU-055 地下水培训系统


• Tank: Fiber Glass 

• Piezometer: Range: 0 to 155mm


• Hydraulic gradients in ground water flow, including the effect of permeability 

• Cone of depression for a single well in an unconfirmed aquifer 

• Abstraction from a single well in a confined aquifer 

• Cone of depression for two wells 

• De-watering of an excavation site using two wells. 

• Draining of a polder or lake.


(1) All manuals are written in English

(2) Model Answer

(3) Teaching Manuals



This GOTT-GWFU-055 unit is capable of demonstrating, on a small scale, the hydrological principles of ground water flow and the applications of these to certain engineering constructions. The demonstrations are of interest to geologists and geographers concerned with sub-surface water flows.


The sand tank is manufactured in glass re-in forced fiberglass for durability in service and is located in a 40mm x 40mm aluminum profile frame which is designed for standing on a laboratory bench. A diffused water inlet/outlet with associated flow control valve is installed at each end of the sand tank. This facility allows the desired water table to be established for the various demonstrations of groundwater flow. 

Two wells with control taps in the base of the tank allow studies of abstraction. Nineteen tapings in the base of the tank arranged in a cruciform configuration are connected to a multi-tube piezometer on the side of the tank. These indicate the profile of the water table in the sand. A sliding cursor permits measurement of any level.

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