GOTT GOTT-HEXT-03 Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (conducted with GOTT-HEXT-BU)


• Tube outside Diameter: 04.76mm 

• Tube Wall Thickness: 0.6mm 

• Number of tubes in bundle: 7 

• Effective length of tube bundle: 205mm 

• Effective heat transfer area: 18700mm2 

• Shell Material: Clear Borosilicate (Pyrex type glass) 

• Shell Inside Diameter: 075mm, Shell Wall Thickness: 10mm 

• Number of baffles: 2 


• To demonstrate indirect heating or cooling by transfer of heat from one fluid stream to another when separated by a solid wall (fluid to fluid heat transfer) 

• To perform an energy balance across a shell and tube heat exchanger and calculate the overall efficiency at different fluid flow rates 

• To demonstrate the differences between countercurrent flow (flows in opposing directions) and co-current flows (flows in the same direction) and the effect on heat transferred, temperature efficiencies and temperature profiles through a shell and tube heat exchanger 

• To determine the overall heat transfer coefficient for a shell and tube heat exchanger using the logarithmic mean temperature difference to perform the calculations (for counter-current and co-current flows). 

• To investigate the effect of changes in hot fluid and cold fluid flow rate on the temperature efficiencies and overall heat transfer coefficient. 

• To investigate the effect of driving force (difference between hot stream and cold stream temperature) with counter-current and co-current flow.


(1) All manuals are written in English. 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




GOTT-HEXT-03 is an optional item that work with Heat Exchanger base unit. The Shell and Tube heat exchanger is mounted on the base unit. The Shell and Tube exchanger consists of a clear glass shell with end plates through which pass a bundle of seven equally spaced stainless steel tubes. '0' ring seals in the end plates allow the stainless steel tubes to be removed for cleaning if necessary. Coupled to the end plates are end caps that allow hot water from the heater/circulator to pass through all seven tubes and then re-combine to return to the heater/circulator in a closed loop. Cold water from the mains supply passes through the clear glass outer shell and heat is transferred to this from the hot stream. Two baffles are located in the shell to promote turbulence and increase the cold fluid velocity. In normal operation hot water from the heater/circulator passes into the end cap via a stainless steel braided hose and self-sealing coupling. Its temperature at entry to the heat exchanger is measured by a thermocouple. It then flows through the seven heat exchanger tubes to the opposite end cap and leaves. Its temperature on exit is measured by a similar thermocouple. The cold water is fed into and out of the heat exchanger via plastic reinforced hoses with self-sealing couplings. Thermocouples measure the cold water inlet and exit temperatures. 


• Optional Item for Heat Exchanger Base Unit 

• High quality industrially accepted component 

• Bold color identification of circuits 

• Detailed instruction & experiment manual 

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