GOTT GOTT-IFSK-150 照明事故处理添加


• Protection:

o ELCB 2P 25A iF 30 Ma

o MCB 2P 10A 6kA

• Lamps:

o Fluorescent 20W

o Rapid Start type 20W

o Incandescent Lamp 100W

o Mixed-Light 160W

o Mercury Vapour 125 W

• Control switch:

o Photo Switch, Dimmer Switch

o Latching Relay 220Vac, Push Button

o One way Switch, Two way switch

o Intermediate switch

• Ballast: 18W Ballast / Electronic Ballast

• Measurement: Kilowatt Hour Meter


• Fluorescent 18W, preheat lamp

• Compact fluorescent lamp 18W, rapid start

• Fluorescent 18W, ballast electronics

• Mercury lamp 160W (without ballast)

• Dimmer circuit for Incandescent lamp

• Dimmer circuit for fluorescent lamp

• Photo switch

• One-way switch

• Two-way switch

• Mixed light

• Incandescent lamp

• Kilowatt hour meter




(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




This Illumination troubleshooting training kit unit have been created for learning of connection circuit and finding fault points system of, fluorescent lamp, mercury lamp, short circuit connection, ELCB and MCB. It is design as modular unit. All accessories are internally installed. There are joint options for each application need. Accessories symbols provided. The fault point simulation switches are beside of the trainer unit.

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