GOTT GOTT-IMS-02 IDEAL Multimedia System Master Unit


The GOTT IDEAL MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM is a multi-function INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM which is connected to the PC via USB port that allows users to measure, visualize, generate, record, and control signal of Digital, Electronic & Electrical & Analog circuits on GOTT experiment boards. The GOTT experiment boards are easily to attach to this system master unit via the experiment board fixture. GOTT IDEAL MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM is providing easyoperation to engineering students to work with digital, electronics & electrical and analog circuits in laboratory

Technical Specifications:

Integrated measuring instruments and functions in the software:

- Two Channel Oscilloscope: 1MΩ, ±25V, differential, 14-bit, 100MS/s, 30MHz+ bandwidth

- Two-channel arbitrary function generator: ±5V, 14-bit, 100MS/s, 12MHz+ bandwidth

- Stereo audio amplifier to drive external headphones or speakers with replicated AWG signals

- 16-channel digital logic analyzer: 3.3V CMOS, 100MS/s

- 16-channel pattern generator: 3.3V CMOS, 100MS/s

- Two input/output digital trigger signals for linking multiple instruments: 3.3V CMOS

- Two programmable power supplies: 

+ (0…+5V , 0…-5V)

+ The maximum available output current and power depend on the GOTT IDEAL MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM powering choice:

* 250mW max for each supply or 500mW total when powered through USB

* 2.1W max for each supply when powered by an auxiliary supply

* 700mA maximum current for each supply 

-  Single channel voltmeter: AC, DC, ±25V

- Network analyzer: Bode, Nyquist, Nichols transfer diagrams of a circuit. Range: 1Hz to 10MHz

- Spectrum Analyzer: Power spectrum and spectral measurements (noise floor, SFDR, SNR, THD, etc.)

-  Software Support

+ Windows 10,Windows 8 / 8.1 32/64 Bit,

+  Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Manuals :

(1) All manuals are written in English

(2) Model Answer

(3) Teaching Manuals

Optional Board:

- GOTT-EM-01




-GOTT Communication Trainer

-Other GOTT module is connect externally




 software Manual

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