GOTT GOTT-LNTT-1 LAN Network Technology Trainer


Network Interface Cards Module

Network Switches Module

Internet Gateway and Security Module

Network Wireless Module

Network System Items Module

Network Cables Module

Fault Module

Basic Tool Service Set

Network Utilities Software

Computer Servers Windows base 1 Unit

Computer Client Windows base 2 unit


Understanding Local Area Network Technology

Understanding Network Media and Topologies

Understanding LAN Device

Understanding LAN Implementation and Management

Understanding Network tool and security for LAN

Manuals :

All manuals are written in English

Theory Manual

Experiment Manual




GOTT LAN Network Technology Trainer use actual industrial standard hardware, which have been mounted onto modular panel so that the hardware can be easily inserted into 3 levels aluminum mobile frames (2 units). The system modular approach allows many types of configurations and set-ups to be quickly constructed provides the student with a wide variety of practical exercises. The trainer includes all of the cabling and connection devices required to form up to groups of networks of 3 computers each which can be connected together to form larger network groups and WAN simulation. The system is designed to work with GOTT trainers and kits which would be used as the computers for the networking system. 


• Can be connected to GOTT trainers and function as an additional equipment 

• Circuit block diagram of showing the function of the system 

• LED lights monitor data transfer activity 

• Electronic Fault Controller is built into the trainer for student instruction purposes 

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