GOTT GOTT-MAG-1399 磁性插件模块


Resistor 15Ω - Code 111-101

Resistance: 15Ω

Resistor 30Ω - Code 111-102

Resistance: 30Ω

Resistor 62Ω - Code 111-103

Resistance: 62Ω

Buzzer - Code 111-108

Input: 6VDC

CuNi Wire 32Ω - Code 111-105

Diameter: 0.2mm 

Length: 2mm 

Resistance: 16Ω

CuNi Wire 64Ω - Code 111-106

Diameter: 0.1mm 

Length: 1mm 

Resistance: 64Ω

CuNi Wire 16Ω - Code 111-104

Diameter: 0.2mm 

Length: 1mm 

Resistance: 16Ω

NiCr Wire 36Ω - Code 111-107

Diameter: 0.2mm,

Length: 1mm 


Fuse 1A - Code 111-109

Protection Fuse 1A

Battery Holder - Code 111-110

A simple device for holding 1.5V D size battery

DC Motor - Code 111-111

Input 6VDC

Bulb - Code 111-112

A device to produce light from electricity when it is turned on

Knife Switch - Code 111-113

Switch to control flow at electricity in a circuit

DC Voltmeter - Code 111-114

Range: -1…0…3V 


DC Ammeter - Code 111-115

Range: -0.2…0…0.6A 


Rheostat - Code 111-116

Resistance : 0…22Ω

Magnetic Panel - Code 111-117

Experiment Manual - Code 111-118


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




A component is fixed inside a transparent casing for safety purpose. A magnetic sheet is fixed to the bottom of the casing. This module with the magnetic base can then be used to construct on electronic circuit by sticking it to a metal board

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