GOTT GOTT-MGM-0001 电动发电机培训系统


Adjustable Three Phase - Code 192-001

Protection Fuse 2A x 3 units

Pilot Lamps L1 , L2 & L3

Fault Current Circuit Breaker 3


Output: 0…240VAC x 3 units


Input: AC 415V, 50Hz 3-Phase

AC Measurement Unit - Code 192-002

Voltmeter range: 0…500VAC

Ammeter range: 0…2A

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

DC Measurement Unit - Code 192-003

Voltmeter range: 0…500VDC

Ammeter range: 0…2A

Output: 250VDC

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

DC Motor Control Unit - Code 192-004

Output: 0…240VDC

 Fixed 250VDC

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Emergency Switch - Code 191-007

Rated voltage : 240VAC

Emergency off button with pull-unlatching

Push Button - Code 191-008

Rated voltage : 240VAC

Push Button x 2 units

Three-Phase Contactor - Code 159-014

Rated Voltage : 415VAC

Rated Current : 10A

Coil Voltage: 240VAC

Wattmeter - Code 456-011

Range: 0~500 W

Accuracy: Class 1.5

Protection Fuse 1A

Tachometer – Code 192-008

RPM Range: 0…9999rpm

Input: AC 240V

Rheostat - Code 192-005

Protection Fuse 2A x 2 units

Excitation Resistor: 0~1kΩ

Armature Resistor: 0~100Ω

Bulb Holder (With Bulb) - Code 192-006

Incandescent Lamp x 3 units

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Three Phase Salient Pole Machine- Code 192-007

Power: 300W

Voltage: 415VAC

Current: 1.17A

Excitation Voltage 12VDC 

Excitation Current: 0.3A

Speed: 1800rpm

DC Seperately Excited Machine - Code 159-002

Power: 240W

Voltage: 240VDC

Current: 1.0A

Excitation Voltage: 240VDC

Excitation Current: 1.0A

Speed: 1500rpm

Tacho Generator - Code 159-017

Speed: 2000rpm

Output: Max. 20VDC

Pulley and Rubber Coupling - Code 431-000

Rotate Speed Sensor - Code 159-018

Used with DC Motor Control Unit /Tachometer


• Characteristic of DC Machine

• Speed Control of DC Machine

• Measurement of DC Generator

• DC Generator with Load

• Characteristic of Three Phase Machine

• Speed Control of Three Phase Machine

• Measurement of Three Phase Machine

• Parallel Operation of Motor Generation

• AC Meter Measurement on Three-phase Machine

• DC Meter Measurement on DC Shunt Wound Motor

• RPM Sensor Measurement

• Characteristic of Field Winding Connecting (DC Separated Excited


• Characteristic of Armature Winding (DC Separated Excited Machine)

• Characteristic of Tacho Generator

• Series – Shunt Connection of DC Separated Excited Machine



The Motor Generator System is an integrated system for in depth studies for Motor Generator theory and working principles. The system comes mounted on its own base plate with an upright control panel and the motor-generator combination is connected via a flexible coupling. The control panel comprises of voltmeter, ampere meter, and all wiring connections brought out to 4mm safety terminals. Connection leads with banana plugs facilitate quick and easy connections between the Motor-Generator System and other controls. The motor and generator can be setup independently, besides in conjunction with each other, for in depth studies on each individual unit. An Operation Manual and Experiment Manual is provided in English. 

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