GOTT GOTT-MGT-3000 移动游戏培训系统


• Platform : SUN JAVA2 Micro Edition 

• Phone : GSM 

• CPU : Intel Processor 

• Memory : PC2-5300 DDR2 2GB

• HDD : SATA II 500GB 

• Power : 350W 

• Graphic : LCD Touch Screen Panel 

• Input Device : Keyboard

GPS: GT3000 system


Mobile Game Toolkit Server 

CD and Tutorial Book 

Cellular Phone (GSM phone) 



GOTT-MGT-3000 is practice by using J2ME. 

• By using various API which is provided by J2ME, user can make an actual sample game. Through step by step practice, user can do the practice for various API, finally can make the sample game.


• Platform : J2ME 

• Compiler : JDK 6.0 

• Device Toolkit : JAVA Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC 

• IDE : Eclipse IDE with Eclipse ME


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




J2ME (Java 2, Micro Edition) It is a stripped-down version of Java targeted at devices which have limited processing power and storage capabilities and intermittent or fairly low-bandwidth network connections. These include mobile phones, pagers, wireless devices and set-top boxes among others

Java ME technology was originally created in order to deal with the constraints associated with building applications for small devices. For this purpose Sun defined the basics for Java ME technology to fit such a limited environment and make it possible to create Java applications running on small devices with limited memory, display and power capacity.

Java ME technology is being used to various fields and is being used to many Mobile Phones which is produced by Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Samsung,,, etc. Also most of the Applications for mobile gaming market is composed by J2ME.


• GOTT-MGT-3000 enables user to learn about J2ME Programming, how to develop J2ME Mobile Games and J2ME Network Server/Client. Also the user can learn the porting and testing to J2ME Mobile games by connecting to real Cellular Mobile (GSM type). 

• From Mobile Phone, GUI programming practice is available. 

• User can learn the practice of Mobile Game Programming following to the process of Theory, Method (API), Software Practice, and Results checking. 

• Easy to Programming. 

• Eclipse-based, and it is easy to build the programming environment. 

• A student can learn how to develop mobile games based on J2ME (Java2 Mobile Edition) Platform since this toolkit provide j2me tutorial, example code and Mobile Phone Emulator software. 

• A student can get advanced skill for developing mobile games with example code and Mobile Game Toolkit Server. 

• A student can get advanced skill for porting and testing mobile games to real cellular phone with example code and Mobile Game Toolkit Server. 

• Mobile Game Toolkit Server can be used Network Game Server when student develop mobile network game with using mobile phone Emulator. 

• The programmed contents can be downloaded to Actual Mobile Phone and user can identify & revise the difference between the Emulator

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