GOTT GOTT-NWTT-7012 网络技术培训设备套


This Trainer includes step-by-step diagnosis and troubleshooting procedures including: 

• Hardware Assembly and Testing 

• Personal Safety 

• Block Diagram 

• Schematic Diagram

• Troubleshooting Procedures 

• Common Fault Simulation Testing 

• Waveform for Common Test Point 

• Reference Data


• Power 

• LAN Port 

• DSL Port

• Switch Port 

• Modem Port


• LED to indicate the nature and location of the fault on the Block Diagram 

• Enabled when touching the push button; Disabled when touching the push button again 

• Single or multiple faults can be introduced at any time

• Activated faults are visible as the corresponding LED illuminates on the fault board 

• LEDs can be switched off thereby not allowing the student to know where the fault is, this feature is ideal for testing the student’s troubleshooting ability 

• Single press for Fault Reset

Operation condition:  0°C to 45°C , 85% or Less (R.H.)

Input Power: AC 220V - 240V, 50/60Hz, 1-Phase


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Theory Manual 

(3) Experiment Manual




The GOTT NETWORK TECHNOLOGY TRAINER is specifically designed to offers students the hands on opportunity to work in a real-world environment in the fast changing field of a network cable technician. The training package includes all of the necessary hardware, software, courseware and consumable required to provide training, the consumables are available at a reasonable cost

The trainer is based upon computers and components which have been modified to facilitate training and have a special electronic fault insertion system. The unit consists of one drive that shows all key internal components and functions.


• Can be connected to GOTT’s trainers and function as an additional equipment 

• Circuit block diagram of showing the function of the system 

• LED lights monitor data transfer activity 

• Electronic Fault Controller is built into the trainer for student instruction purposes

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