GOTT GOTT-ODCT-01 管口排水流量培训系统


• Cylindrical clear acrylic tank with orifice fitted in base 

• Five interchangeable orifices Pitot tube and wire on micrometer to measure jet velocity and diameter 

• Quick release fitting for easy connection to hydraulics bench


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




GOTT-ODCT-01 is designed to determine the discharge coefficient of the orifice meter. There are many situations in the engineering field where it is necessary to know the flowrate in a pipe. There are various flow-measuring devices that all determine the flowrate in a pipe but the most common is the obstruction-type flowmeter. Obstruction flowmeters operate on the idea that a decrease in flow area in a pipe causes an increase in a velocity that in turn decreases the pressure. This correlation of pressure difference and velocity provides the means of measuring flowrate. The different obstruction-type flowmeters consist of the orifice meter, the nozzle meter and the Venturi meter. In this lab we will be measuring the flow through an orifice meter

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