GOTT GOTT-OELBFT-01 Energy Losses in Bends and Fittings Trainer



GOTT-OELBFT-01 is designed to help students in determine the loss factor for flow through a range of pipe fittings including bends, a contraction, an enlargement and gate valve. In order to make GOTT-OELBFT-01 function, this equipment must be placed in the channel of the hydraulic bench. This equipment has two regulated valves that placed in the outlet of the pipe. The last one is called Flow control valve VCC and it is used to study the loss energy in two different conditions; pressurized condition and atmospheric condition

This equipment has twelve manometric pipes and two Bourdon manometric of O to 4 bars. The pressurization of the system is made as air manual pump. The hydraulic circuit has pressure taking along the pipes that allows us to measure the loss energy in different elements. The installation of this equipment has not required any additional elements. For this experiment, the hydraulic bench will be used together with the Energy Losses in Bends and Fitting Apparatus. Stopwatch, clamper for pressure tapping, spirit level and thermometer will be used


• Circuit with four bends of different radii 

• Enlargement, contraction and gate valve, plus flow control valve 

• Manometer board with 12 tubes plus differential pressure gauge 

• Hand pump for pressurization of manometers

 • Quick release fitting for easy connection to hydraulics bench

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