GOTT GOTT-OFJFT-01 管口排水流量和喷射流培训系统


• Constant head tank with two interchangeable orifices 

• Quick release fitting for easy connection to hydraulics bench 

• Jet trajectory measured and plotted using adjustable pointers


• Diameter of small orifice: 0.003m 

• Diameter of large orifice: 0.006m 

• Surface Area of Reservoir: AR =0.4713m²


• Determination of Coefficient of Velocity from Jet Trajectory 

• Determination of Coefficient of Discharge Under Constant Head 

• Determination of Coefficient of Discharge Under Varying Head

Manuals : 

(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




GOTT-OFJFT-01 is designed to be positioned on the side channels of the hydraulics bench top channel. The inlet pipe should be connected to the bench supply. An adjustable overflow pipe is provided adjacent to the header tank to allow changes in the head. A water tank scale indicates the water level inside the tank. Two orifice plates of differing diameters are provided and may be interchanged by slackening the two thumb nuts. The diameter of the hole that provided is 3mm and 6mm. The trajectory of the jet is plotted using the 8 vertical needles. In operation, main scale is positioned at the back backboard, and the needles are adjusted to follow the profile of the water jet. The needles may be locked using a screw on the mounting bar. The profile may be plotted by marking the main scale at the backboard at the point at where the needle was decrease to follow the water profile.

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