GOTT GOTT-ORDT-01 Osborne Reynolds’ 示范培训设备套


· Inside diameter of the tube of visualization pipe: 11 mm.

· Outside diameter of the tube of visualization pipe: 15 mm.

· Rehearsal pipe length: 650 mm.

· Capacity of the colouring deposit: 0.45 litters.

· Diaphragm Flow Control Valve

· The coloured fluid is regulated with a needle valve


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GOTT-ORDT-01 is designed to enable students to observe the laminar, transitional and turbulent pipe flowFluid mechanics has developed as an analytical discipline from the application of the classical laws of statics, dynamics and thermodynamics, to situations in which fluids can be treated as continuous media. The particular laws involved are those of the conservation of mass, energy and momentum and, in each application, these laws may be simplified in an attempt to describe quantitatively the behaviour of the fluid. The hydraulics bench service module provides the necessary facilities to support a comprehensive range of hydraulic models each of which is designed to demonstrate a particular aspect of hydraulic theory. The model that we are concerned with for this experiment is the Osbourne Reynolds’ Apparatus. This is a classic experiment and is a visualisation of flow behaviour by injection of dye into a steady flow in a pipe.


· Vertical test section fed from header tank with stilling media

· Bellmouth entry to promote smooth flow into the test section

· Dye injection system allows flow visualization

· Quick release fitting for easy connection to hydraulics bench

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