GOTT GOTT-PAMDTLS-1 Portable AC Motor Drive Troubleshooting Learning System

General Specification

• Power input socket for 220-240VAC input

•Speed control knob

• Motor drive digital inputs/ logic inputs

• AC motor drive

• R1 relay contacts

• U/ V/ W power terminals

• Rotation Sensor

• Sensor plate

• Motor unit

• Tachometer

• 24VDC power supply output terminal

• Emergency stop button

• PLC unit

• Push button switch

• PLC input terminal

• DC Voltmeter

• PLC output terminal

• 24VDC Lamp

PLC Specifications

• This programmable logic controller uses industrial-grade 32-bit MCU with strong anti-interface and faster speed

• High quality chip, stable performance, on-line download, on-line monitoring, automotive save when power off

• Program is written in ladder logic programming language, supports for GX-Developer

• Programming port is the port for program upload, download, test and monitor.

• It is reusable, stable, easy to learn. The PLC transmission baud rate is 9600

• Working voltage : DC24 (V)

• Wide Power Supply Voltage: 10-28VDC

• Baud Rate: 9600

• Programming software : GX- Developer

• Input Points: 12

• Output points: 8 

Experiment Topics

• AC Motor Drive Speed Control

• 2 And 3 Wire Motor Control AC Motor Drive Direction Control

• Preset Speeds for AC Motor Drive

• AC Motor Drive Jogging Control

•  IR Compensation for AC Motor Drive

• DC Injection Braking for AC Motor Drive

• AC Motor Drive Acceleration

• AC Motor Drive Fault Relay

• Controlling Motor with PLC 

Manuals :

(1) All manuals are written in English

(2) Model Answer

(3) Teaching Manuals



• The Portable AC Motor Drive Troubleshooting Learning System is designed for working on real powered electrical circuits that include an AC motor drive to control the three-phase motor. The AC motor drive is used to control the rotational speed of the AC motor. 

• The system contains four switches to control the AC motor drive logic input. This can be done by turn on the switches or connecting the four ports below to the output port of the PLC unit. 

• The trainer also provides a tachometer for measuring the rotation speed, three push buttons for simulating fault or sensor signal, and three 24VDC Lamps for monitoring the AC motor drive relay condition.

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