GOTT GOTT-PAT-35 扩音器培训系统


• Protection against short circuits 

• Tone control : bass and treble 

• Loudness control 

• Balance adjustment 

• Subsonic filter 

•6 audio inputs 

• Source Direct (to listen directly to the input signal) 

• Headphone output 

• Non-vibration chassis 

• Total harmonic distortion : less than 0.008% (at 10 W output) 

• Frequency response : TUNER, CD, AUX, TAPE1/DAT, TAPE2/MD : 7 Hz -70 kHz ± 0.3 dB 

• S/N ratio TUNER, CD, AUX, TAPE1/DAT, TAPE2/MD : 105 dB


The fault simulator manipulates electric points of the amplifier, allowing to simulate a large number of real faults.


• Power Supply 

• Tuner Input 

• Aux Input 

• CD/VCD Input 

• DVD/AC-3 Input 

• MIC Input 

• Surround 

• LED Disable 

• Fault Reset 

• Speaker Function 

Each one of the functional sections has several test points which permit the analysis and monitoring of the main electrical signals of the amplifier safe to operate, all the test points are protected against possible accidental short-circuits.


Operating Temperature: 0 to 45°C, 85% or Less(R.H.) 

Input power: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase


• To disable the Tuner Input 

• To disable the Auxiliary Input 

• To disable the CD/VCD Input 

• To disable the DVD/AC3 Input 

• To disable the Microphone Input 

• To disable the Left Speaker Output 

• To disable the Right Speaker Output 

• To disable the Surround Left Speaker Output 

• To disable the Surround Right Speaker Output 

• To disable the Center Speaker Output 

• To disable the 13 volts AC supply for the Power Amplifier 

• To disable the 5 volts DC supply for function switches 

• To disable the 3 volts AC supply for Display Panel 

• To disable the 12 volts DC supply controlling the various volume controls

Manuals : 

(1) All manuals are written in English. 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




Power Amplifier Training System designed to provide training opportunities for a typical audio power amplifier with general features such as equalizers, level indicators and pre-amps. It can be used together with oscilloscopes, wave generator and audio generator to perform essential functions and training to the student

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