GOTT GOTT-PET-588A 电力电子培训套装


AC Power Supply - Code 588-001

FCCB x 1-unit Mains Control Lamps x 3 units 

4mm safety sockets 

Output: 415V DC : 230V/1A

Input : AC 415 , 50Hz 3 Phase

Three Phase Transformer – Code 588-101

Protection Fuse 3A x 3 

Input : 415V 3phase 

Output: AC: 3 x 90V/1.5A with 3 center taps 45V 4mm safety sockets

Four Channels Isolation Amplifier - CODE 588-021

Channels can be switched on or off individually Frequency Range: DC … 80kHz 

Voltage: Max 620VDC/440VAC 

Overdrive indication with LEDs 4mm 

Safety Sockets 

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Control Unit Six Pulse - Code 588-006

Single pulse or pulse train operation 

Phase shift can be set for various natural commutating points: 0°, 30°, 60° Output: 

• Synchronize Voltage: 1...440VAC 

• Control Voltage: 0 … +10VDC Input: ±15VDC

Control Unit Two Pulse - Code 588-005

Single pulse or pulse train operation Phase shift can be set for various natural commutating points: 0°, 30° Output: 

• Synchronize Voltage: 1...250VAC 

• Control Voltage: 0 … +10VDC Input: ±15VDC 

Thyristor With Turn Off Circuit - Code 588-016

Main Thyristor and Turn-off Thyristor: 

• VDRM: Max 800V 

• IT AV: Max 13A 

• TQ: 35µs Free-wheeling Diode: 

• VRRM: Max 1000V 

• IT AV: Max 8A 

• Shunts: 4 x 0.1 ohm, 1% Turn-off Capacitor: 4µF, 450V Ring-around reactor: 1mH

Control Unit PWM / PFM - Code 588-007

Operation can be selected with the following control modes: Pulse Width

Modulation (PWM) and Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM)

Control voltage: 0 … +10VDC

Pulse Width Modulator

• Frequency Ranges: 20 … 200Hz / 0.2 … 2kHz / 2 … 20kHz

• Pulse Duty Factor tON: 0 … 0.95

Pulse Frequency Modulator

• Pulse Duration Ranges: 5 … 50µs / 50 … 500µs / 0.5 … 5ms

• Frequency: 20Hz … 20kHz

Output Amplifier

• Sustained short-circuit proof

• Indication of switching state via 2 LEDs

• INHIBIT input

Input: ±15VDC

Reference Variable Generator - Code 588-003

Output: (selectable using bridging plug)

• 0 … +10VDC

• -10VDC … +10VDC

Input: ±15VDC

Trigger Point Limiter - Code 588-004

LED indication for overlap

Rectifier Stability Limit: 0° … 180°

Inverter Stability Limit: 180° … 0°

Input: ±15VDC

IGBT- Code 588-014

VCES: Max 1000V

IC AV: Max 10A

VCE SAT : 3.5V

CGE : 1.8Nf

Single Phase Rectifier - Code 588-029

Periodic Repetitive Peak Reverse

Voltage: 500V

On-State Current: 10A

Protection: Fast Acting Fuse

With R-C-D suppressor circuit

Fuse - Code 588-009

Rated voltage : 415VAC

Protection Fuse 2A x 3 units

Power Diode - Code 588-010

VRRM: Max 1000V

IF RMS: Max 10A

TRIAC- Code 588-015

VRRM: 800V 

Capacitor Unit - Code 588-018

Nominal Capacitance: 2 x 1000µF

Nominal Voltage : 415V

Rectifier - Code 588-011

Nominal Voltage: 3 x 400V

Nominal Current: 10A

Surge Forward Current: 300A

MOSFET - Code 588-013

VDS: Max 500V

ID: Max 10A

RDA(ON): 0.6Ω

4 Each

Bulb Socket - Code 588-020

Incandescent Lamp x 3 units

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Resistor Load - Code 588-017

Resistor 100Ω x 3 units

Protection Fuse 1A x 3 units

DC Power Supply - Code 588-002

Two red LED (Voltage monitor)

4 mm Sockets

Output: ±15VDC & +5VDC

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Thyristor - Code 588-012

Thyristor x 6 units

Protection Fuse 1.5A x 6 units

VRRM: Max 1000V

IF RMS: Max 12A 

Electrical Meter - Code 588-038

Voltmeter range: 0…500VAC

Ammeter range: 0…5A

Input: AC 230V, 50Hz 1-Phase

2 Each

DC Measurement Unit - Code 159-008

Voltmeter range: 0…500VDC

Ammeter range: 0…5A

Output: 230VDC

Input: AC 230V, 50Hz 1-Phase

2 Each

RLC Load - Code 588-019

Resistor 1kΩ

Inductor 50mH 2.5A with tap at 12.5mH

Capacitors 4/8/16µF, 450VAC 

Safety U-Link - Code 446-000

A unit which is wed to link the unit together

Safety Connecting Lead - Code 237-001

4mm connecting leads 

Fault Simulator Code Phase Control - Code 588-008

A total of 20 faults from the following categories can be switched on:

• Interruption

• Faulty assembly 

• Short-circuit

• Faulty components 

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

U-Link – Code 159-019

A unit which is wed to link the unit together 

Vertical Frame - Code 297-000

High Level: Din Standard

A4 with two shelves

Material: Aluminium

Side Frame: T shape

Size: 3-Layer 1450mm Length

Experiment Manual - Code 588-032


The Power Electronics Training Kit makes it possible to build up straightforward experimental circuits in keeping with practical requirements. Groups of

experiments on basic power electronic circuits are presented, demonstrated and explained on the basis of rectifiers in a tried-and-tested didactic manner

and sequence.

• Single-Phase Half-Wave Half Controlled Rectifier Circuit

• Single-Phase Full-Wave Controlled Rectifier Circuit

• Single-Phase Bridge-Type Controlled Rectifier Circuit

• Single-Phase AC Booster Circuit

• Three-Phase Bridge-Type Controlled Rectifier Circuit

• Quenching Circuit Step-Down DC Chopper Module

• MOSFET Step-Down DC Chopper Circuit

• IGBT Step-Down DC Chopper Circuit

• Passive Inverter Circuit

• Fault Simulator

• Connection Diagram

ADDITIONAL MODULE: Please refer to page “Advanced Power Electronics Training Kit Additional Module”.



The Power Electronics Training Kit has been designed to control of electrical energy with the greatest efficiency possible. In fact, it allows the implementation of theoretical-practical courses, for the study of power electronics.

The individual units of an experimental set-up are connected via 4mm safety sockets which are arranged in large, synoptically graphical symbols and current flow diagrams. Due to the vertical arrangement of the experimental panels, the experimental set-up can be seen from a far distance and can be adapted step by step to the course of the lessons or lectures.

The experiments permit practice-oriented, hands-on training to be carried out, thus assuring the trainees of the proficiency needed to handle the tasks and the equipment found in this field. The training panels and functional units with block circuit diagrams and signal diagrams permit clear and understandable assembly of the experiment circuits

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