Two-Circuit Dc Power Supply - Code 382-401

Output: 24VDC

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Digital Input Module 1 - Code 382-402

Rated voltage: 240VAC

Rated current: 5A

Analog output Module - Code 382-405

Analog meter range: 30VDC

Digital meter range: 20VDC

Single-Phase Socket Module - Code 382-411

Rated voltage: 240VAC

Rated current: 10A

Stepper Motor Module - Code 382-408

Two-phase mixed stepper motor

Step angle: 1.8°

Rated current: 3A

Max. torque: 1.20Nm

Digital Input Module 2 - Code 382-403

Toggle switch X 8 units

Rated voltage: 240VAC

 Rated current: 5A

Digital Module 2 - Code 382-414

High density LED X 8

Voltage drop: 1.5V-2V

Working current: 10 - 20mA

Analog Input Module - Code 382-404

Analog voltage input: 0…10VDC

Resistor: 10kΩ

Analog current input: 0…20mA

Traffic Light Module - Code 382-415

12 LEDs compose a crossroad traffic

Signal, each set simulating 3 traffic lights (Red, Yellow& Green)

8 terminals below separately control the east-west and south- north traffic light terminals, “COM1” is the common Port

General Relay Module - Code 382-406

Relay type: OMRON MY2NJ

Contact: NO& NC

Coil voltage: 24VDC

Rated voltage: 240VAC

Rated current: 3A

Digital Output Module 1 - Code 382-413

21 red LEDs compose a 7-segment display ( A,B,C,D,E,F,G)

Every 3 LED compose one segment Able to display hexadecimal number “0-F”

Three-Phase Fccb - Code 382-416

Protection Fuse Leakage Current: 30MA

Rated voltage: 415VAC, 50Hz

Input: AC 415V, 50Hz 3-Phase

Stepper Motor Driver Module - Code 382-407

Output: 12VDC – 40VDC

Input signal: Stepper pulse

Direction level signal

Ac Contactor Module - Code 382-412

Coil voltage: 240VAC

Rated voltage: 415VAC

Rated current: 22A

Three-Phase Motor - Code 382-409

Rated voltage: 415VAC

Rated current: 0.8A

Power: 200W

Rated speed: 1400rpm

Permanent Magnet Dc Motor - Code 382-410

Rated voltage: 240VDC

Rated current: 0.8A

Power: 120W

Rated speed: 1500rpm

Tacho Generator - Code 159-017

Speed: 2000rpm

Output: Max. 20VDC

Safety Connecting Lead - Code 237-001

4mm connecting leads

Vertical Frame - Code 297-000

High Level: Din Standard A4 with two shelves

Material: Aluminum

Side Frame: T shape

 Size: 3-Layer 1450mm Length

Experiment Manual - Code 382-423


• Basic ladder instruction practice

• Organization block program and data block program practice

• System function and system function block program practice

• Traffic lights PLC auto control experiment

• LED display PLC auto control experiment

• Three-phase asynchronous motor starting and self-locked PLC control

• Three-phase asynchronous motor forward / reverse rotation PLC control

• Three-phase asynchronous motor star / delta starting PLC control

• Analog input and output control

• Neon lights PLC control

• Drag-on carriage PLC control

• Mechanical arm PLC control

• Mixed liquor PLC control

• Conveyor belt PLC control

• Stepper motor PLC motor

• Pneumatic system PLC control

• Frequency converter PLC control

• TD200-controlled three-phase asynchronous motor forward / reverse rotation PLC control

• TD-200-controlled frequency converter PLC control

• Touch screen targeted PLC control

• Closed loop frequency regulation of motor-electric generator set with PG PLC control


(1) All manuals are written in English

(2) Model Answer

(3) Teaching Manuals




This PLC equipment is great for PLC programing training as we designed the PLC Trainers using actual PLC and provide ladder logic examples. Some of the PLC programming examples are the actual PLC ladder logic examples we use in current manufacturing training.

The objective of this training is to have:

• A better understanding of how PLC can automate production equipment

• Hands-on experience of PLC

• Digital / analog input and output know-how

• Knowledge on Networking

• Knowledge on Positioning Control

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