GOTT GOTT-ROBOT-219 3轴机器人培训套


Working Area: 50mm x 85mm 

Operating Range: X arm/±90º Horizontal, Y arm/± 90º Vertical, Z axis/50mm 

Arm Length: X arm 85mm, Y arm 50mm 

Max Load: 5 kg 

Maximum Speed: X & Y 600mm/sec (1 kg load) 300mm/sec (3 kg load) 100mm/sec (5 kg load) 

Maximum Speed: Z Arm Z = 320mm/sec 

Repeatabilit:y X/Y ± 0.02mm per axis, Z ± 0.02mm 

Data Memory Capacity: 100 programs, 6000 points 

Drive System: 2-phase stepping motor 

Operation System: Point to point and continuous path 

Interpolation: XYZ simultaneous 3D linear interpolation 

Teaching Method: Manual data Input (MDI) teaching 

Control: PC Based Motion Control 

External Interface: RS232C 

Power Supply: 240V AC 180-250V consumption 200VA 

Working Temperature: 10 - 65°C 

Relative Humidity: 20-95% no condensation

 Weight: 22.55 lbs (10.25kg)


Applications: Education, training, research 

Configuration: 3 Axis guide table 

All Axis can be controlled simultaneously 

Drives: 3 PMDC Stepper motors with integral controller 

Controller: PC Base controller 

Language support for PC: Visual Basic & C++



• Types of single axis and linear interpolation experiments :

• Position control by various types of velocity profiles

• Multiple Axis synchronized motion

• Homing and pen ready routines

Types of application experiments :

• Geometrical shape plotting

• Character and word plotting

• User customized character and word plotting

• Boxes ticking routine

A complete system specification includes 

• 3 axis robot with travel of 85x50x50mm completely assembled 

• PCI motion controller for the PC 

• Power electronics assembled in enclosure panel with power supply 

• Multiple I/O ports for machinery, conveyor, or PLC integration 

• Arm length of X=85mm, Y=50mm, Z=50mm 

• Allows customized secondary rotation of parts

Manuals : 

(1) All manuals are written in English.

 (2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




A new series of robots from GOTT features high speed precision motor controlled XYZ motion. They can be used for dispensing, soldering, inspection, automatic screw fastening and pick & place operations. 

These systems are configured using Axis table Cartesian series of Screw Driven Slides and PC based Control Package. Robots can be configured up to 85x50mm of travel with maximum speeds to 600mm per second. This gives the user a large format. Each axis is built with robust aluminum housing with a protective top cover. This allows the robots to stand up to education and industrial applications. 

Three Axis of simultaneous motion can be provided to perform difficult multi-Axis motions. GOTT™'s Cartesian Robots also provide smooth and continuous motion. The system can be mounted over large parts or conveyor systems. This gives the unit great flexibility in its applications. An optional library of motion routine is available for software development for OEM applications. Integration with other mechatronics trainer makes easy use as a pick and place system application.


• PC Based control 

• Support high level programming language 

• Capable work as stand-alone or integration with other trainer 

• Windows based platform 

Heavy-duty robust fabrication. 

• Three to four axis models expandable

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