GOTT GOTT-SPPT-01 串联和双联泵培训套装


• Two centrifugal pumps each with a maximum flow rate over 80 lt/min 

• Two inverters for water flow and motor speed control 

• Water flow meters and pressure gauges 

• Water storage tank 

• Control cabinet for instrument, electrical components


• Centrifugal pump performance and characteristics, typically: head versus flow rate 

• Operation of centrifugal pumps in series or parallel 

• Power input, output and overall efficiency at various speeds for one pump.


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




The Series and Parallel Pump Test is a self-contained mobile stand unit consisting of two independent sets of centrifugal pumps. By manipulating flow control valves, each pump can be operated individually or both pumps connected in series or parallel for measurement of flow rate, head, power input and efficiency at various speeds. This trainer allows students to investigate the operation and performance of a single centrifugal pump and two centrifugal pumps in both series and parallel.


• Self-contained, compact, bench top, easy to use test set for a range of experiments and demonstrations 

• Easily configurable system to enable pumps to be tested individually, in series and in parallel, with a manually adjustable water flow rate 

• Long-life, robust valves with large handles allow students to change the water circuit in seconds, ready for the next experiment 

• Water flow meters and pressure gauges

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