GOTT GOTT-SWIP-733 Sequence Switch & Indicator Unit PLC Simulator Trainer - Computer


DC Relay: DC 24V MY4N 4Contact, 2 units

DC Relay: DC 24V MY2N 2Contact, 2 units

AC Relay: AC 240 LY2N 2Contact, 2 units

Push Button: Latch, 1 unit

Push Button: Momentary, 3 units

Indicator: Light DC 24V, 1 unit

Power Supply: DC 24V 2.1A 5 units of 4mm banana terminal

Fuse: 4A, 1 unit

AC Socket: 3 pin BS Socket, 1 unit


(1) All manuals are written in English

(2) Model Answer

(3) Teaching Manuals




• Modular type using actual industrial component. 

• Arranges the materials to be used for contact sequence on the board. 

• As symbol of each element is graphic on the panel, it is easy to understand. 

• Can be used as PLC Trainer Application Circuit.

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