GOTT GOTT-TICT-01 Transducer, Instrumentation and Control Trainer


• Input Transducers: 

o 100k Carbon track 

o 100k Wirewound 

o Slide potentiometers 

o NTC thermistors 

o Type 'K' thermocouples 

o I.C. temperature sensor 

o Reflective Opto Sensor 

o Photoconductive Cell 

o Photo Transistor 

o PIN diode 

o Linear variable differential transformer 

o Variable capacitor 

o Strain gauge 

o Air flow sensor 

o Air pressure sensor 

o Slotted opto sensor 

o Photovoltaic Cell 

o Inductive Proximity Sensor 

o Hall Effect sensor 

o Servo potentiometer 

o Humidity sensor 

o Dynamic microphone 

o Ultrasonic receiver 

• Output Devices 

o Heater 

o LED Lamp 

o DC Motor and Tacho Generator 

o Solenoid 

o Ultrasonic transmitter 

o Buzzer 

o Loudspeaker 

o Relay 

o Solenoid Air Valve 

o Counter with LED display 

o Bargraph voltage indicator Analog 10V DC 

o Voltmeter  

• Signal Conditioning Circuits 

o Instrumentation amplifiers with gain control 

o Full wave rectifier 

o Voltage to Frequency Converter 

o Frequency to Voltage Converter 

o Voltage to Current Converter 

o Current to Voltage Converter 

o Alarm oscillator with switchable latching 

o Power amplifier 

o Electronic switch 

o Comparator 


• Sound Measurement and Output 

• Voltage to Frequency signal conversion 

• Voltage to Current signal conversion 

• Frequency to Voltage signal conversion 

• Current to Voltage signal conversion 

• Comparator 

• Light Measurement 

• Display Devices 

• Linear Motion 

• Oscillator 

• 555 Oscillator or Astable Multivibrator 

• Low Pass Filter 

• High Pass Filter 

• Inverting Operational Amplifier 

• Inverter 

• Non - Inverter Operational Amplifier 

• Voltage Follower 

• Wheatstone Bridge 

• Electronic Switch 

• Control Systems Characteristics using Slotted Opto Sensor 


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Programming Manual (CD Format) 

(3) Teaching Manuals (CD Format) 

(4) Training manual




GOTT-TICT-01 introduces students to input sensors, output actuators, signal conditioning circuits, and display devices through a wide range of hands-on practical activities. GOTT-TICT-01 has all the necessary power supplies, light sources and compressed air supplies to carry out a wide range of hands on experimental work. It is possible to build and test complete closed loop control systems for rotary speed and position, making the trainer ideal for use in control engineering teaching. 

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