GOTT GOTT-HPT-01 流体静力压力培训系统


• Flotation tank with adjustable feet 

• Accurately formed plastic quadrant 

• Lever arm with counterbalance and weight hanger


Length of Balance (L):  333mm- Distance from weight hanger to pivot 

Quadrant to Pivot (H): 181mm - Base of quadrant face to pivot height 

Height of Quadrant (D): 90 mm - Height of vertical quadrant face 

Width of Quadrant (B): 6Smm - Width of vertical quadrant face


• Observe the operational and characteristic of Hydrostatic Pressure. 

• Record the observation in the space provided.


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




Fluid mechanics has developed as an analytical discipline from the application of the classical laws of statics, dynamics and thermodynamics, to situations in which fluids can be treated as continuous media. The particular laws involved are those of the conservation of mass, energy and momentum and, in each application, these laws may be simplified in an attempt to describe quantitatively the behavior of the fluid. The hydraulics bench service module provides the necessary facilities to support a comprehensive range of hydraulic models each of which is designed to demonstrate a particular aspect of hydraulic theory. The specific hydraulic model that we are concerned with for this experiment is the Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus

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