Guideir IR236 红外人体测温系统 (-10°C~50°C, ≤ ±0.3°C)

IR detector:

IR resolution: 400x300

Pixel size: 17μm

NETD: ≤40mK

Focal length: 9.7mm

FOV: 38°*28°

Frame rate: 25Hz

Visible Camera

Resolution: 2 million pixels 
Frame rate: 25Hz

Temperature Measurement:

Range: -10°C~50°C

Accuracy: ≤±0.3°C ( ambient temperature 16~32°C)

Calibration: Built-in shutter and external black body, automatic calibration after selecting mode

Environmental adaptability:

Work temperature: -10~50°C (ambient temperature 16~32°C)

Storage Temperature: -20°C~60°C

Work Humidity: <90% (non-condensing)

Shock: 30g 11ms, IEC60068-2-27

Vibration: 10Hz ~ 150Hz ~ 10Hz 0.15mm, IEC60068-2-6

Black body:

Blackbody target surface uniformity: ≤0.1°C

Temperature stability accuracy: ≤ ± 0.2°C (single point)

Camera head interface: Network interface: two-way, visible light 100M, infrared 1000M

Camera head power:

Input voltage: DC 12V

Input power: ≤ 12W

Standard delivery:

Camera head + stand

Black body + stand


PC Kit




Adopts 400x300 infrared uncooled Vox detector

AI deep learning algorithm based on neural network, more accurate temperature

measurement and lower false warning rate

Accurate single-point and multi-point high temperature tracking and warning

Equipped with black body, real-time temperature calibration, higher accuracy

Face recognition detection function, more intelligent

Stand-type, easy to move, standard PC with powerful analysis software


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