Guideir IR5210A 多功能冷却便携式热像仪 (≤10m; ±0.5°)

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Detector Resolution: 320×256,30μm

Spectral Range: 3~5μm

Focus: 30mm~240mm continues

FOV: 18.2°×14.6°~2.3°×1.8°(±5%)

Visible Camera

Focus: 3.63°×2.86°(±5%)

Resolution: 1920×1080

Working Range

Detection Range

1.8mx0.5m Human: >6km

2.3mx2.3m Vehicle: >9km

Recognition Range

1.8mx0.5m Human: >8km

2.3mx2.3m Vehicle: >13km


Position Accuracy: ≤10m (GPS, BDS optional)

Orientation Accuracy: ±0.5°(Root Mean Square)


Eye-safe laser range finder                       

Maximum measuring range for a typical target of 2.3m×2.3m: 6Km For building: 10km

Range Accuracy: ≤±5m

Wi-Fi: Transfer digital video with Wi-Fi


Image Enhancement: Auto image filtering and sharpening

Brightness/Contrast: Auto/Manual

Polarity: White-hot, Black-hot, Red-hot, Green-hot, Rainbow, High contrast Rainbow, Blue-red, Amber

Digital Zoom: 2X

Video Storage: Built-in 16G SD card,no less than 9000 compress pictures (JPG) and no less than 2h video (AVI)

View Finder: OLED 1280×1024 , dioptry adjustment


Electrical Interface: power, video PAL (NTSC can customizable),communication Rs232、Wi-Fi、USB、built-in GP (external connection)

Mechanical Interface: 1/4 inch standard interface


Power Input: 12V power adapter or 18650 battery, voltage input range 12V-32V

Continuous Working Time By Battery: ≥4h (do not change battery)

Environment Parameters

Working Temperature: -40°C~60°C (Except for display equipment)

Encapsulation: IP67

Electromagnetic Compatibility: GJB 151A-97

Physical Characteristics

Weight: ≤ 3.7kg (including battery)

Size: ≤ 315mm×250mm×118mm



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