GYS PROMIG 400 G.DV MIG/MAG 焊接机 (230V/400V, 3ph, 40-350A, aluminum torch 3m)

3 Phase Synergic welding machine ideal for semi industrial work, maintenance and locksmith work. For use with separate wire feeder (TF 4R), the Trimig 400G is recommended for professional work up to a 1.2mm on steel, stainless-steel and aluminium Easy and fast set up with its synergic control.


- 2T: 2 stroke welding 

- 4T:4 stroke welding, to weld during a long period: without constantly pressing the trigger 

- Spot: for plug welding


Synergic Mode. No need to adjust the wire speed Microprocessor controlled, the machine automatically selects the optimum welding parameters


-Wire Type

- Wire diameter 

- Power: 2 switches = 14 positions

PROMIG 400 G.DV automatically adjusts

- Wire speed 

- Pre-gas and post-gas

- Bumback

Manual mode: Manual setting of the wire speed

Selection of the wire speed driver: To switch the setting of the wire speed to or from separate wire feeder for a quick adjustment where required.


Welding current: 230 V/400 V, 3 ph, 50/60 Hz

Power supply: 40A (230V) / 25A (400V)

Welding current range: 40-350 A

Duty cycle (environment temp. at 40°C):

   350 A / 31.5 V @ 35%

   270 A / 27.5 V @ 60%

   220 A / 25 V @ 100% 

Air cooled wire feeder: TF-4RN 9 (option)

       Welding current: 24V/3A

       Duty cycle (environment temp. at 40°C): 280A@60%; 230A@100%

       Wire feed speed 1-20m/min

       Dimensions (LxWxH): 60 x 26 x 51.5 cm

       Weight: 18kg

Voltage level: 14

No-load voltage: 17/41.5 V

Protection level: IP 21 

Dimensions (L x w x h): 89 x 49 x 88 cm

Weight: 105kg

Standard: IEC 60974-1/10 A

Original equipment (roller):  1.0/1.2 - B (Steel, inox)

Included accessories:

Air Cooled Wire Feeder: TF-4RN: 061699

Roller type B (x2) - Ø1.0 / 1.2 steel/ inox

Roller type B Ø1.0/1.2 - aluminum

Earth cable 400 A 4 m/50 mm²

Connection cable - 5m: 034839

Torch MIG/MAG GRIP- aluminum (350A-3m): 040731





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