HAIDA HD-A520-1 包装跌落试验机(640kg,400~1500 mm)

Display Method: Digital height indicator (optional)
Drop Height: 400~1500 mm
Single-wing Area (W×L): 350×760 mm
Drop Panel Area (W×L): 1200×1400 mm
Specimen Max. Size (L×W×H): 1000×1000×800 mm
Specimen Max. Weight: 640 Kg
Outside Dimension (L×W×H): 1400×1200×2200 mm
Control Box Size (L×W×H): 350×350×1100 mm
Weight: 400 Kg
Power: 1ø, AC220V/ 50Hz
Transmit Approach: Electric Transmission
Horsepower: 1/2 HP
Design Criteria: ISO 2248, JIS Z0202-87, GB/T4857.5-92


1.High quality,with reasonable price
2.High accuracy and high precision
3.Great after-sales service

The usage
During the products handling or transport process, there may be drop/ fall, which results in damage within the products. And this Drop Testing Machine simulates the drop/ fall of a finished product to evaluate the damage. All the rhombohedrons, angles and faces of the products can be tested.

1. Outside material: advanced paint coat
2. Power system: drive device (imported motor + speed reducer +Axel+ upper and lower limitation + spring +electromagnet)+ dropping device(dropping standard board +magnet + safety spacing push rod + automatic return back + digital alto-meter +encoder + hydraulic pressure buffering device)
3. Control system: adopting electromagnet sensor control, the interface is easy to operate, high degree automatic control
4. Safety device: upper and lower limitation device, automatic off-power device if electricity leakage occurs

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