Haier HBCD-90 冰衬疫苗冰箱 (2 ~ 8℃; 37,5)

Product Features

The refrigerating chamber and freezing chamber both have the separate refrigerating systems; the two independent refrigerating systems ensure safety of the vaccine storage;

Microprocessor control, solar energy display panel for showing refrigerator and freezer interior temperature, refrigerator temperature range is 2~8°C, freezer temperature is less than -10°C

Product Parameters

WHO PQS Code: E003/097

Cabinet Type: Chest

Ambient Temperature: 5℃~43℃

Cooling Type: Direct cooling

Freezer Protection Level: A

Defrost Mode: Auto

Temperature Range(℃): 2~8

Exterior Dimension: 1128*720*875

Gross Volume (L): 

Refrig.: 58 Freezer: 32

Vaccine Storage Capacity: 37,5

Holdover Time at 43o C: 137hrs 47mins

Noise Level (dB(A)): <40


Temperature Logger

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 

Remote Temperature Monitoring Device



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