Haier HZY-15Z 恒温运转箱 (2 ~ 6℃)

Product Features

Optimized semiconductor cooling to maintain the temperature inside the cabinet between 2 to 6℃ after being powered up;

With 4℃ ice rafts for accumulation of cold to effectively increase the cooling area and extend the holding time;

Power supply supporting wide voltage zone, 12V conversion and vehicle mounting;

Microcomputer control and digital temperature display supporting adjusting increment of 0.1℃.

Product Parameters

Storage Temperature(℃): 2-6

Operating Temperature (℃): 2-10 

25 °C Empty Box Holding Time(h): >1

25 °C Loaded Box Holding Time(h): >2

Cooling Method: Active cooling

Net Weight (kg): 6

Exterior Dimensions(W*D*H) (mm):490×295×26 

Interior Dimensions (W*D*H) (mm):430×150×180

Cold Chain Monitoring: /

NFC Unlocking: /



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