HASEGAWA HTE-610-I 低压电压检测器 (AC 50V ~ 600V)


Working voltage range: AC 50 V to 600 V common use for 50/60 Hz

Operation starting voltage (Voltage to ground): Detection sensitivity adjustable at shipment from the factory. Default: AC 40 V ± 10 V, contacting to the insulated wire (600 V ‒ IV. 2 mm2) according to Hasegawa standard

Battery:LR44(1.5V) × 2 pcs

Battery life: New battery: about 10 hours for continuous operation, 1.5 years for storage

Weight: 22g (including batteries)

*Without the casing



・ Conductive rubber provides a high level of safety 

Conductive rubber is adopted for Contact tip, which prevents accident due to a short-circuit. 

・ Sensitivity adjustable.

 It is possible to adjust the sensitivity with volume knob in accordance with working condition and purpose.

 ・ Detector designed with minimum variance of sensitivity between bare and covered conductor.   

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