HASEGAWA HVC-750N3 铁路用检电器 (DC750V)


Working voltage range: DC600V/750V

* Voltage detection of negative potential is not possible.

Operation starting voltage (Voltage to ground): DC300V±20V


- Operation display (charging): Red LED and buzzer

- Check of earth wire (Earth wire is OK): Green LED

- Voltage display:

+ Range: 0 VDC to 1999 VDC

+ Resolution: 1V

+ Accuracy: within ±5%±5V

Volume adjustment for buzzer sound:

+ Each time when the sound volume push-button switch is pressed, the cycle of High → Medium → Low → High ----- is repeated.

+ Sound volume at a distance of 1m

+ High: 75 dB or more; Medium: 55 to 70 dB; Low: 50 dB or less

Output voltage at test: DC500V±100V

Dielectric strength: Contact tip (Metal fitting) ‒ Grounded part 4 kVAC, 1 min

Leakage current: 1 mA or less at dielectric strength test

Battery: R6 or LR6(1.5V) × 4 pcs

Operating temperature range: 0℃~+50℃

Weight: About 1.4kg

■ Accessory: Bag for housing



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