Heraeus Electronics PD 955M SMT Adhesives


PD 955 M is a thermosetting single component, solvent-free polymer adhesive, developed especially for the surface mounting of SMT components onto PCBs and for use on bare substrates. This rheology is specially adapted for high speed dispensing

Key Benefits

  • Very wide processing window, no tendency towards

  • stringing

  • Excellent adhesion with standard and also with

  • difficult to glue components

  • Consistent batch-to-batch quality


  • Dispensing

Physical Properties

Cleaning Instructions

Before curing: The adhesive can be removed with Zestron HC and other Zestron and Vigon cleaning materials. Do not use alcohol as this will cure the adhesive. Cleaned dispensing units should be completely dried before installation.

After Curing: Defective components can be replaced by heating (with hot air) the cured adhesive joint above 100 °C. After removing the component (torsion movement), the hot air should be focused on the remaining adhesive in order to remove it with a sharp tool

Adhesive Conditioning.

  • Remove adhesive from fridge: Before opening the package leave it for at least 2 hours at room temperature so that adhesive heats up

  • Do not open cartridge while adhesive is cold to prevent condensation

  • Before using adhesive cartridge: Before inserting nozzle, press small quantity of glue out of cartridge until homogeneous glue comes out – during storage of cartridges, low viscosity glue constituents may be found on the tip of the cartridge

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