Hongdu HD-27D 插头综合试验机 (0-5KV)

Polarity (2C. with/without) 3C (positive/reverse) 2P, 3P polarity test, E, L, N corresponding indicator lights. Send the signal after OK.

Insulation voltage: 500V, adjustable insulation resistance: 0-100MΩ Meet: L-N, E-LN,

2. Voltage test: high voltage between poles: 0-5KV adjustable Meets the inter-electrode L-N/LN-G, AC 2500V, rated power: 500VA

   Outer skin high voltage output voltage: (L, N, E and outer skin) 0-5KV adjustable, to meet LNG-E leakage copper (AC 3000V adjustable)

   Waveform: 50/60Hz AC sine wave, voltage calibration: within ±1%.

3. Leakage current: 0-10mA linearly adjustable,

4. Increase insulation resistance test function: 5, 50, 100MΩ

Failure judgment: The measured value is larger than the reference value, and the output voltage is cut off to give a failure signal.



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