Hongdu HD-8820 弯曲试验机 (1000W, ±1°)

Input power: 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz

Fuse: 5A/250VAC

Output power: 1000W

Number of test cores: 2 to 5 cores

Test station: Single station

Bending angle: The working angle is adjustable from 5° to 1440°

Bending accuracy: ±1 degree

Speed adjustment: Station speed is adjustable from 3 to 90 laps per minute

Testing frequency: Up to 999999 times

Frequency error: ±1 time

Loading: 1kg/2kg, etc. (can be selected according to demand)

Dimensions: 600×400×830 (W×D×H)

Weight: About 160Kg



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