Hongdu HD-LWT-2 插头综合测试仪 (DC500V)

Polarity conduction test: Polarity test voltage: DC24V

Conductor resistance test: (ground current)

Loop current: 0-30A adjustable (1.5mm2 line length 10 meters or less) Current correction: within ±3%

Wave shape: 50/60HZ AC sine wave

Alarm point: lower threshold 15A upper threshold 35A

Internal and external high voltage test: (plan to use 1 jump)

Interelectrode high voltage: 0-5KV adjustable External high voltage: 0-6KV adjustable; (waveform: 50/60HZ AC sine wave), digital display value

High voltage calibration: within ±3%, head: 1.5 CLASS

Transformer rated power: 500VA

Leakage current setting value: inter-electrode high voltage; 2/5/10mA, judgment accuracy: ±3%

External high pressure: 2/5/10mA

Judgment: the measured value is larger than the reference value, the output voltage is cut off to give a failure signal

Current Calibration: Pure Resistive Load Series RMS Truth Test

Output voltage: DC500V, voltage calibration accuracy: ±3%, insulation resistance gear value setting point: 5MΩ/100MΩ, judgment accuracy: ±5%



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