HST MRS-10A 计算机控制伺服四球摩擦试验机 (0~300N, 10N~10kN)

Application: used to evaluate the loading capacity of lubricants in the process of sliding friction on a constant point under high pressure. 

1: Test force range (no adjustable): 10N~10kN

2: Test value relative error: ±1%

3: Test force keep value error for long time automatic: ±1%F.S

4: Friction Test Range: 0~300N

5: Friction test error: ±2%

6: Spindle speed range (no adjustable): 200~2000r/min

7: Spindle speed error: ±10 r/min

8: Friction temperature control range: Room temperature ~260℃

9: Friction temperature control error: ±1○C

10: Time display and control range: 1s ~99999

11: Speed (cycle) display and control: 1~9999999 round

12: Out size: 1160mm×750mm×1640mm



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