HST WDW-100ZY 瓷砖石膏板电子弯曲试验机 (100kN)

Application: used to test the bending resistance of various ceramic tiles, asbestos cement wave, asbestos cement slab, straw board, gypsum board, lightweight insulation material board, wood board, and various non-metal composite boards and research.

Max. Load(kN): 100

Resolution of deformation: 0.04um

Accuracy of displacement: Within±0.5%of indicating load

Resolution of displacement: 0.01mm

Test speed(mm/min): 0.05-500 stepless arbitrary setting

Speed accuracy: within ±1% / ±0.5% of set speed

E-Tensile space(mm): Customized

E-Compression space(mm): Customized

D-Test width(mm): 500 (can be customized)

F-Beam travel distance(mm): 1050

H-Workbench thickness(mm): 58

I-Base height(mm): 435

Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz (can be customized)



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