HST WDW-20kN 三点高低温型拉力试验机 (20kN)

Max. Load: 20kN / 2000kgf / 4480lbf

Load accuracy: ≤±1%

Load range: 2%-100% of full scale

Load resolution: 1/200000 of full scale

Disp. resolution: 0.01mm

Test speed: 0.05-500mm/min

Tensile space: 650mm|25.6in

Comp. space: 650mm|25.6in

Test width: 400mm

Temperature range: -40°C~350°C

Thermostat specifications: High precision temperature control meter, multilevel PID adjust, interval 1°C, accuracy: 0.5°C

Temperature fluctuation: ±1°C

Temperature gradient: Better than 3°C

Heating up time: Room temperature to 300°C, less than 50 minutes

Uniform temperature zone length: More than 150mm




Application to the tensile and creep relaxation strength test if the round specimen, rectangular specimen, and tubular product and other products under GB/T4338 (metal material of high temperature tensile test method), HB5195 (The metal high temperature tensile test method) ,GB/T2039 (the tensile creep rupture and test method), HB5150 (metal high temperature tensile durable test method)

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