HST WSW-100 双轴拉伸试验机 (100KN)

Longitudinal maximum test force: 100KN

Lateral maximum test force: 100KN

level of accuracy: Class 1

Test force value allowable error limit: Within ± 1% of indicated value

Load measurement range: 2% -100% FS of full scale

Force resolution: 1/200000 of the maximum test force

Extensometer gauge length: 50 mm

Maximum deformation of extensometer: 10 mm

Deformation indication error limit: Within ± 0.5% of indicated value

Displacement indication error: Within ± 1% of indicated value

Displacement minimum resolution: 0.01mm

Force control rate adjustment range: 0.05-5% FS / S

Relative error of force control rate: Within ± 0.5% of set value



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