HT Instruments HT9023 TRMS AC/DC Clamp-on Power Quality Analyzer (AC/DC 1000A)


Current measuring range: 1000A

AC/DC current: AC + DC

AC/DC voltage: 1000VAC/1500VDC


Resistance and continuity test with buzzer  

Phase sequence and phase concordance  

AC/DC voltage, current measurement/recording   

Measurement/recording of Cosphi, Power Factor  

Measurement/recording of Active, Reactive, Apparent AC/DC Energy  

Measurement/recording of V-I harmonics up to the 25th with THD%  

Inrush current measurement (INRUSH): Dynamic INRUSH

Maximum diameter for clamp: 45mm

Measuring counts: 9999



Auto power off  

Detection of AC voltage without contact  

Data HOLD function  

MIN/MAX function  

PEAK function  

Relative measurement  

Datalogger and Graph  

Memory for data saving  

PC / Smartphone or Tablet interface: WiFi

AC/DC voltage in single-phase/three-phase systems: Single phase

AC/DC current in single-phase/three-phase systems: Single phase

Electric motor starting current (INRUSH)  

Neutral-Ground Voltage  

Neutral current  

Max number of simultaneously selectable parameters: 60

Recording with selectable integration period: 1s-15min

Indicative memory duration (in days @ PI= 30sec @ max number of parameters): 63 hours

Indication of recording duration  

Internal memory capacity: 2MB

Saving instant sampled values  

Summary table of main electric parameters  

Voltage/current waveforms  

Summary table of main electric parameters  

Voltage/current waveforms  

Tables or histograms of Harmonics and THD%  

Voltage/current vector diagram  

Power supply: 2x 1.5V AAA

Measurement category: CAT IV 600V CAT III 1000V

Weight in grams (batteries included): 420

Size (LxWx H) (mm): 252x88x44



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