HT Instruments ECLIPSE AC/DC TRMS clamp meter with integrated thermal imager (1000A, 20~260°C )



Current measuring range: 1000A

AC/DC current: AC+DC

AC/DC voltage: 1000VAC/1500VDC

Leakage current: External Clamp

Frequency: 60.00 Hz ~ 10.00MHz  

Resistance and continuity test with buzzer: 600.0Ω ~ 60.00MΩ

Capacitance: 60.00nF ~ 100.00 mF

Diode test  

Duty Cycle (%): 10.0% ~ 90.0%  

Temperature with K-type probe: -40°C ~ 1000°C  

AC/DC current: with external clamp transducer  

Inrush current measurement (INRUSH)  

Measurement category: CAT IV 600V CAT III 1000V

Maximum diameter for clamp: 40mm

Measuring counts: 6000




Auto power off  

Detection of AC voltage without contact  

Data HOLD function  

MIN/MAX function  

PEAK function  

Relative measurement  

Thermal imager  

Colour LCD display  

Datalogger and Graph  

Internal memory for data saving  

PC / Smartphone or Tablet interface: Bluetooth

Power supply: Li-ION battery

Size (LxWx H) (mm): 280x100x50

Weight in grams (batteries included): 505

IR sensor resolution: 80x80

Temperature range: 20 + 260°C / -4 + 500°F

Thermal sensitivity: <0.1°C / @ 30°C

NETD: <100mK

Spectrum range: 8 + 14µm

IFOV (@1m): 4.53mrad

Type of IR sensor: UFPA

Frequency: 50Hz

Field of view (FOV): 21° X 21°

Focus width of standard lens: 7,5mm

Focusing of IR optics: Fixed

3 cursors: Central, Min, Max.  

Colour Palettes: 5

Readings in °C, °F, °K  

Class 2 laser pointer  

Integrated white light illuminator  

Manual and automatic span: Automatic

Standard format of saved images: JPEG, BMP

Recharging system: External charging base

Duration: 8 hours

Provided external power supply: 100/240VAC (50/60Hz)/ 12VDC

Operating temperature: 5°C + 40°C

Operating humidity: <80%RH

Storage temperature: -20°C + 60°C

Storage humidity: <80%RH

Mechanical protection: IP40



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