Technical Specifications

Continuity with 200mA: 0.01Ω ÷ 199.9Ω

Continuity with 10/25A (2-wires, 4-wires): 0.001Ω ÷ 19.99Ω

Insulation resistance

- Test voltage: 100, 250, 500, 1000VDC

- Measuring range: 0.01MΩ ÷ 1000MΩ (1000V)

Residual voltage (Ures): 10V ÷ 460V (AC), 10V ÷ 650V (DC)

AC TRMS voltage: 195V ÷ 253V

AC TRMS current on test socket: 0.01A ÷ 16.0A

AC active/apparent power: 0.0W / VA ÷ 5.06kW / kVA

Power factor (CosPhi): 0.01 ÷ 1.00

Leakage current with optional clamp HT96U: 0.1mA ÷ 1000A

Line/Loop impedance (L-L, L-N, L-PE): 0.01Ω ÷ 200Ω

General Specification

Power supply

Mains voltage: 207V÷ 253V, 50 / 60Hz

Max. absorbed current: 16A

Mechanical characteristics

Size (L x W x H): 400 x 300 x 170mm

Weight: 15kg

Mechanical protection: IP40

Memory and output interface

Internal memory: 999 locations

Output interface: USB 2.0

Saving on USB pen drive: yes

Bluetooth interface connection: yes

USB keyboard: optional

USB printer: optional

USB bar code reader: optional

Keyboard for remote control: optional

Control lamps for dielectric tests: optional

General characteristics

Display: TFT, colour 4.3”, touch-screen

Safety: IEC/EN61010-1, IEC/EN61557-1-2-3-4-6-13 -14; EN50191 (Dielectric tests)

Safety checks: IEC/EN60204-1, IEC/EN61439-1 IEC/EN60335-1

Insulation: class I (conductor PE)

Pollution level: 2

Measurement category: CAT II 300V (Power), CAT III 300V (other tests)


Accessories provided

• C2033X 3-terminal cable with Shuko plug

• 2310-IECIV-200-N Test cable, 2m, Black, 0.75mmq, 2 pcs

• 2317-IECIV-200-R Test cable, 2m, Red, 2.5mmq, 2 pcs

• 2310-IECIV-200-B Test cable, 2m, Blue, 0.75mmq

• 2310-IECIV-200-V Test cable, 2m, Green, 0.75mmq

• 5004-IECN Alligator clip, Black, 4 pcs

• 404-IECN Measuring lead 4mm, Black, 3 pcs

• FT3HVPRB1 Set of 2 safety cables for Dielectric tests

• FT3BRSN Carrying bag for accessories

• TOPVIEW2007 Management software + USB cable C2007

• Quick guide

• User manual on CD-ROM

• Calibration certificate ISO9000

Optional accessories

• HT96U AC clamp for leakage current, 1-100-1000A, diameter 54mm

• IMP57 Accessory for measuring Loop impedance with high resolution

• C2009AD Cable with adapter for connection to IMP57

• 1066-IECN Extension cable connector for cables with 4mm banana connector, Black

• 1066-IECR Extension cable connector for cables with 4mm banana connector, Red

• FT3BARCR Bar code reader with USB port

• FT3KBDEN English keyboard with USB port

• FT3REDLP Red lamp with 7m cable + connector

• FT3RMTCT Adapter for remote control with Start/Stop/Save function

• FT3SFTSW Safety contact with 7m cable for Dielectric tests

• FT3HVTIP Black banana-lead cable for Dielectric tests

• FT3R-GLP Red/green lamp with 7 m cable and connector

• FT3BLACKBOX Test box for Fulltest3

• FT3MPT2 USB thermal printer with 32 columns


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