HT Instruments HT8100 真有效值过程校准万用表

DC Voltage:

50.000mV; ±(0.05%rdg+30dgt); 10MΩ // <100pF; 1000VDC/ACrms  

500.00mV/ 5.0000V/ 50.000V/ 500.00V/ 1000.0V; ±(0.05%rdg+5dgt); 10MΩ // <100pF; 1000VDC/ACrms 

AC TRMS Voltage:

50.000mV/ 500.00mV; ±(0.7%rdg+20dgt) (40Hz ÷ 70Hz) ±(1.5%rdg+40dgt)

(71Hz ÷ 10kHz); 10MΩ // <100pF; 1000VDC/ACrms

5.0000V/ 50.000V/ 500.00V/ 1000.0V; ±(0.5%rdg+20dgt)(40Hz ÷ 70Hz)

±(1.5%rdg+40dgt)(71Hz ÷ 1kHz;)±(3.0%rdg+80dgt)(1.001kHz ÷ 10kHz); 10MΩ // <100pF; 1000VDC/ACrms

DC Current: 50.000mA/ 1.0000A; ±(0.05%rdg + 5dgt) 1min (input A) 10min (input mA); max 440mA

AC TRMS Current:

50.000mA/ 1.0000A;  ±(1.0%rdg + 20dgt)(40Hz ÷ 70Hz)±(2.0%rdg + 20dgt)

(71Hz ÷ 10kHz); 1min (input A)10min (input mA); max 440mA


500.00Ω; ±(0.2%rdg+30dgt); 1mA; 1000VDC/ACrms

5.0000kΩ (100µA)/ 50.000kΩ(10µA); ±(0.2%rdg+10dgt); 1000VDC/ACrms 

500.00kΩ; ±(0.5%rdg+10dgt); 1µA; 1000VDC/ACrms  

5.0000MΩ; ±(1.0%rdg+10dgt); 100nA; 1000VDC/ACrms 

50.000MΩ; ±(2.0%rdg+10dgt); 10nA; 1000VDC/ACrms  

Continguity Test: 500.0Ω; ±(0.1%rdg+30dgt); approx 3.5V; 1000VDC/ACrms 

DIODE Test: 2.000V; ±(1.0%rdg+10dgt); approx ±3V; 1000VDC/ACrms 

Frequency AC Voltage/Currewnt: 500.00Hz/ 5.0000kHz/ 50.000kHz/ 100.00kHz; ±3dgt; 1000VDC/ACrms max 440mA

AC mV: 50.000mV/500.00mV; 5Hz ÷ 10kHz: 10mV; 10kHz ÷ 100kHz :100mV 

AC V: 5.0000V; 5Hz ÷ 10kHz : 1V; 10kHz ÷ 100kHz : 1V 

50.000V/ 500.00V/ 1000.0V; 5Hz ÷ 10kHz : 1V; 10kHz ÷ 100kHz: not specified 

AC A: 50.000mA; 5Hz ÷ 10kHz :10mA; 10kHz ÷ 100kHz: not specified 

1.000A ; 5Hz ÷ 10kHz: 300mA; 10kHz ÷ 100kHz: not specified  

GENERATED DC CURRENT – Programmable output

0.000÷20.000mA/ 4.000÷20.000mA; ±(0.05%rdg+5dgt); max 440mA 

 POWER (Loop current) 

LOOP (30V / 1.25kΩ)/ 250Ω HART (24V / 1kΩ) ; 50.000mA;±(0.05%rdg + 5dgt); max 440mA


2 Strap with magnetic terminal 

Anti-shock protection shell

Pair of Leads YAAMK0000HT0 

Pair of Test Leads YAAMK0001HT0

Batteries and user manual




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