HT Instruments MACROTESTG1 Professional Installation Safety Tester (Touch Screen,TRMS)

Continuity test on protective and equalizing conductors: 0.01~99.9Ω ±(5.0%rdg + 3dgt)

Ground resistance with 3-wire method: 0.01~49.99kΩ ±(5.0%rdg + 3dgt)

Soil resistivity with 4-wire Wenner method: 0.06~3.14MΩm ±(5.0%rdg + 3dgt)

AC TRMS Voltage: 15~459.9V

Frequency: 42.5~69Hz

AC TRMS Current: 5% FS~2999

Active power: 0~9999 kW

Reactive power: 0~9999 kVAr

Measuring range: 50KΩ

Protection category: CAT IV 300V

Features: Touch screen, color graphic LCD, 320x240mm

Memory: 999 locations, 3 marker levels

Communication: Optical-USB and intergrated WiFi

Batteries: 6 x 1.2V(rechargeable) type AA or 6 x 1.5V type AA

Battery life: > 500 test for each funtions

Auto Power OFF: after 5 min of idleness (disabled)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 225x165x75 mm

Weight (included batteries): 1.2kg

Reference temperature: 23°C±5°C

Working temperature: 0°C~40°C

Allowed relative humidity: <80%RH

Storage temperature: -10°C~60°C

Storage humidity: <80%RH




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