HT Instrument MERCURY 真有效红外热像数字万用表(带摄像头)

DC voltage:  0.1mV ÷ 1000V;  ±(0.2%reading + 5digits)

AC TRMS, AC+DC TRMS voltage: 1mV ÷ 1000V; ±(0.8%reading + 5digits) AC; ±(2.0%reading + 20digits) AC+DC

AC TRMS current with flexible clamp F3000U: 0.01A ÷ 3000A; ±(1.0%reading + 5digits)

DC current: 0.1μA ÷ 10A; ±(1.0%reading + 3digits)

AC, AC+DC current:  0.1μA ÷ 10A;  ±(1.2%reading + 5digits)

Resistance and Continuity test: 0.1Ω ÷ 60MΩ;  ±(0.5%reading + 5digits)

Frequency (electronic circuits): 0.01Hz ÷ 10MHz;  ±(0.09%reading + 5digits)

Frequency (electronic circuits):  40Hz ÷ 10kHz; ±0.5%reading

Duty Cycle: 0.1% ÷ 99.9%; ±(1.2%reading +2digits)

Diode test:  Max 1.5mA

Temperature with K-type probe: -40°C ÷ 1000°C; 1.5%reading + 3°C

Capacitance: 0.01nF ÷ 6000μF;  ±(1.2%reading + 8digits)

Functions: Data HOLD, MAX/MIN/PEAK,REL, Laser, Bluetooth, LED illuminator

Memory for data saving: micro SD card, BMP format

IR camera function

Sensor resolution: 80 x 80pxl

Temperature measuring range: -20°C ÷ 260°C / -4°F ÷ 302°F

Sensitivity: <0.1°C (@ 30°C)

Visual range (FOV): 21° x 21°

Focusing / Lens: automatic / 7mm

Image frequency: 50Hz

Mechanical characteristics

Size (L x W x H): 185 x 75 x 55mm

Weight (batteries included): 555g

Mechanical protection: IP65

Power supply

Battery type: 1x7.4V rechargeable Li-ION battery, 2300mAh

Auto power off: 15,30,60min (selectable)

Display: 4 dgt LCD, max 6000 dots, decimal sign, backlight

Provided accessories

• F3000U Flexible clamp with full scale 30/300/3000A AC

• 4413-2 Couple of red/black 4mm, 90° professional test leads

• BATMCY Spare part Li-ION battery 7.4V 1500mAh

• A0MCY Adapter multiplug for MERCURY with base charger

• Micro SD card 8GB,10x

• B0MCY Carrying case

• Alkaline battery type AAA IEC LR03, 2pcs

• Type K bead probe + adapter

• User manual

• Calibration certificate ISO9000





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