HUATEC RHL-350 数字高精度便携式硬度计

Hardness Scales:HL, HRC,HRB,HV,HB,HS

Test Precision:HLD:±6 HRC:±1 HB:±4

StandardImpact Device: impact device of Type D

Upper / Lower Limits Setting:(170-960)HLD, (17.9-69.5)HRC, (19-683)HB, (80-1042)HV, (30.6-102.6)HS, (13.5-101.7)HRB

Optional Impact Device:D/ C /DC / D+15 / DL/ G

Number of Impact Devices Equipped With One Time: any

PC Interface: USB 2.0


Screen Display:128X64 dot matrix LCD, backlight and adjustablecontrast

Measuring Direction:360°(down,inclined down,level,inclined up and up)

Data Memory :100 readings

MaximumHardness of The Measured Work Piece:940HV(for D,DC,DL,D+15,C impact device)

Radius of Curvature Of The Measured Work: Rmin=50mm(If using Alien supporting ring, Rmin=10mm)

Recognition Function:Recognize the type of the impact device by itself

Measurable Material:Steel and cast steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel,gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, aluminum casting alloy, copper zinc alloy(brass), copper tin alloy(bronze), fine copper

Power Supply: 1.5V AAA battery ( 3 PCS)

Working time: about 150 hours

Shape Size:159mm*72mm*28mm


List of components not warranty: 

1 the shell

2 the screen display

3 the panel

4 the impact body

5 the support ring

6 the probe cable

7 ink ribbon

8 the battery(the damage caused by faulty operation problem)

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