HUATEC TG4100B 高精度数字超声波测厚仪 (0,8 mm- 300,0 mm)

Display 128X64 Pixel LCD with backlight

Measuring range 0.8 mm- 300.0 mm in steel depending on the probe

Special request can reach measuring range up to 500mm

Tolerance +/-0.05 mm in steel

Display resolution 0.1 mm (TG4000B)/0.01mm (TG4100B)

Built-in standard block 4.00 mm

Memory 500 datas in 5 groups, memory does not lose after powering off

Velocity range 1000-9999 m/s

Power 2 pcs 1.2 V AAA batteries

Outside dimension 149X73X32 mm

Net Weight 160 g


TG4100B main unit

Hard carrying case

Couplant bottle

Standard 8 mm, 5 MHz probe PT-08 with cable


4 steps steel test block

7 steps metrics steel test block

5 MHz, 4 mm contact probe

10 MHz, 4 mm, contact probe

5 MHz high temp. probe

Probe cables

Water proof housing

Dataview CD and communication cable optional


Probe model Frequency Contact area Testing Range (steel) Contact Temp.

Cast iron probe ZT-12 2MHz 16.2mm 4.0-300.0mm --10--60℃

Standard probe PT-12 5MHz 12mm 1.0-200.0mm --10--60℃

Standard probe PT-08 5MHz 10mm 0.8-100.0mm --10--60℃

Small probe PT-06 7.5MHz 7.6mm 0.8-30.0mm --10--60℃

Small probe PT-04 10MHz 5mm 0.8-20.0mm --10--60℃

High temp. probe 5MHz 14mm 4.0-80.0mm up to 300℃

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