HUMAS HS-3300 实验室紫外多参数分光光度计(70项,包括COD)

Items for measurement All items of water test kit
Wavelength range 190 ~ 1100
PC use PC Management program
Scan speed Max. 1000
Spectral bandpass width(nm) <1
Light source Deuterium, Tungsten-halogen
Monochromater Concave blazed holographic grating
Detecter Si Photodiode
Wavelength accuracy ±0.3
Wavelength repeatability <±0.05
Stray light (%) <0.05
Photometric range -0.3 ~ 3 ABS(0~200%T)
Photometric Accuracy < 1% at 1ABS
Photometric repeatability (ABS) ±0.002 ABS at 1ABS
Drift (ABS/hr) <±0.001 after 2hr warm-up
Baseline flatness(ABS) ±0.002ABS(after 1hr warm-up at 1100~200nm)
Noise (ABS) <0.002abs peak="" to="" peak="" div="">
Display 6 inch LCD 320 * 240 dot)
Sample cell Automatic rotary type 8-position multi-cell
Power 100~120V(50/60Hz), 200~220V(50/60Hz)
Weight (kg) 11 kg
Dimension 440(W) * 405(D) * 235(H)mm
Ambient Temp(℃) 15 ~ 35
Accessories 4-type cell holder (standard) : 10mm, 25mm (squre), 16mm, 25mm (round)
Automatic rotary type 8-position mulit-cell (option)


- Analysis item: 70 items including COD(Cr), COD(Mn), total nitrogen,
  total phosphorous and heavy metals, etc.

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